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We cherish people, cultures, and spaces.
We think technology is a
great enabler and UX is pivotal to technology.

Crux /[ kruhks ]/noun​

  1. A vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point 

  2. Strategic, insightful, & robust design partners

Our Approach

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At the CRUX design, we believe in free and adaptive design thinking processes. Our grounding in scientific thinking helps us to challenge status quos, the business understanding helps us to feel accountable to realize visions. 

Good design is useful, understandable, innovative, unobtrusive, honest, and long-lasting. We expand that definition to make design accountable and profitable. Our interest in creating significant impact gravitates us towards service design and systems thinking.

In a dynamic world, where invention and transformation are constant, we work with startups and enterprises alike in a wide range of industries. This keeps us on our toes, driving us to question, learn, and innovate constantly.


Whether you are just starting this transformation effort or midway through the process, we partner with the right skills as cohorts in this journey.

We personalize and adapt our approach to the business problem at hand.

UX Strategy

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Experienetial Design

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Design Ops

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Digital Design

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Design Research

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TheCRUX.Design Manifesto

Our manifesto is a reminder of who we are and what we are working on. These values determine our belief system and our approach, not only toward our work but also toward the people we impact.

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